MatchTo Premier

MatchTo Premier; where our visitor/users will have the option to complete a detailed yet anonymous personal profile; is another of our exciting forthcoming features. By increasing the number of keytraits, the number, variety, and value of listed products, services, and benefits is also increased for the large majority of our users.

Doing so allows for matching with our advertisers/providers who need or desire greater/higher degrees of specificity in order to be matched with and to receive their products, services, and benefits.

So basically, the more accurate and complete you are in identifying and designating your keytraits, the better the results.

Plus, we’re going to be providing at no cost the further option to store the profiles for those who want to so that they’ll only have to complete the profile once instead of over and over and over again every time they want to do an in-depth match request.

Because everyone will always have full and complete access to their profiles (including the ability to delete them), you’ll only have to revisit your profile to make occasional updates if and when any of your keytraits change (i.e. you get married, have a child, relocate, receive a promotion/raise, have a birthday, take up a new hobby, develop a health need/medical condition, etc). This will help ensure that you don't miss any of the products, services, and benefits you qualify for.

Because we’ll be letting everyone know here at once MatchTo Premier is operational, be sure to check back from time to time.

Here’s a sample of the type of profile we’ll be using to match you with even more products, services, and benefits:

Here’s Your Official Match Me Questionnaire!

Welcome! Complete this short, confidential questionnaire for a Free List of up to 100’s of Commercial and Government Products, Services, and Benefits specially designed and available just for you and folks like you. Most you’ve never even heard of and can only find out about here and now. Prepare to be nicely surprised!

Date of Birth: / /     Marital Status:     Gender:

Do you:     City:     State:     Zip:

Children living at home?
   If yes, ages of each: , , , , ,


How many people, including yourself, are in your household?

Years at current address?

Are you (check all that apply):
A Homemaker?     Retired?     A Student?     Self Employed/Business Owner?
Working from a home office?     In the military?
A Federal, State, County or City/Town employee?

Occupation (check all that apply):
Professional/Technical     Tradesman/Machine Operator/Laborer
Upper Management/Executive     Middle Management     Sales/Marketing
Clerical/Service Worker     Other(s) (please specify):


Do you own stock?
   If no, would you like to?

What are the two newest cars in your household?
CAR #1 Make: Model: Year:
CAR #2 Make: Model: Year:

Credit cards used regularly (check all that apply):
Am/Ex/Diners Mastercard/Visa/Discover Dept. Store/Gas/etc

Which of the following do you plan to do in the next six months? (check all that apply)
Have a baby     Buy a house/condo/co-op     Remodel a home
Buy/lease a new vehicle     Buy a personal computer
Move to a new city, state, or country     Take a cruise
Travel to another country     Buy a timeshare     Buy a vacation home
Other(s) (please specify):

Any medical conditions/problems you or someone in your household have? (check all that apply)
Snoring     Allergies     Arthritis     Heart/Circulation     High Blood Pressure
Headaches/Migraines     Other(s) (please specify):

Which of these activities do you/your spouse (if married) enjoy doing on a regular basis? (check all that apply)
Golf     Physical Fitness/Exercise     Running/Jogging     Snow Skiing
Water Skiing     Sailing     Camping/RVing     Gardening     Fishing
Cooking     Listen to Music     Reading     Vacationing     Sewing/Arts & Crafts
Hunting/Shooting     Antiques/Fine Art     TV/Radio     Computer/Video Games
Photography Other(s) (please specify)

Do you have pets?
   If yes, please list number and types:

Your political affiliation?

Before you submit your request, remember that the more complete and accurate you are when filling out the questionnaire, the more products, services, and benefits you may qualify for! When you’re all done, just click Match Me!