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What do you qualify for?

How would you like to automatically discover up to 100 (and possibly more) products, services, and benefits matched perfectly to you and your wants, needs, interests, desires, and preferences  . . . many of which you never knew of, didn’t know you qualified for, and which would otherwise be difficult and often virtually impossible to find out about?

What if you could discover all of these quickly, easily, and for free . . . including without having to register, become a member of anything . . . or have to provide your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, or other contact information to anyone or any website?

If this sounds good to you, then welcome to works by matching your keytraits (for example; your gender, age range, and income range) to the products, services, and benefits designed for, available to, and ideally suited to you; as available and supplied from those companies, businesses, and organizations who are providing these “matched to you” products, services, and benefits.

And does this with no one asking or knowing who you are.

Not Not our advertisers.  No one

To use, simply click on the drop-down boxes on the homepage to select your Gender, Age range, and Income range. Don’t be concerned about the Status, Education, Interest/Need, and State selections for now. Because they are not currently enabled, any use of them as part of your match request will have no affect on the products, services, and benefits you will be matched with. They will become operational and be available for your use at a future date as the expansion of’s capabilities continues.

Once you’ve used the drop-down boxes to enter your keytraits, just click the Match Me! button to the right of the match/query box, and within a few seconds a list of the products, services, and benefits you match up with will appear.

From there, simply click on those listings which you are interested in to be taken to the respective websites of the providing companies, businesses, and organizations for further information. Just remember to scroll through and review them all so you don’t miss anything.

Where else can you quickly, easily, and automatically discover up to 100 or more products, services, and benefits that you’ve likely never heard of and didn’t know anything about?

If you like as much as we think you will and would like to help others to be matched to the products, services, and benefits available to them, we hope you’ll share this new, free matching service with everyone you can. (Thank you.)

Now you understand why more and more people the world over are asking themselves:

Why search when you can match?

What are Keytraits?

For us humans, keytraits are, essentially, the who, what, when, where, why, and how of each of us; and which include our interests, preferences, desires, and needs. They are a part of/which correspond to all people; and are most commonly of a demographic, geographic, psychographic nature.

Keytraits include one’s gender, age, income, marital status, educational back round, where they live (e.g. state, city, community, zip code), their interests, needs, and desires, what they own and buy, any health needs or medical conditions, etc.

Basically, keytraits are those traits and characteristics that help establish and define who we are.

What are Benefits?

Here at, benefits are those products and services with a reduced or discounted (including to as little as no or zero cost, i.e. they’re free) cost/rate/fee; including money and monetary equivalents, e.g., vouchers, certificates, coupons, etc; or other additional products and/or services which are available to our visitor/users in addition to those products and services otherwise available to the general public.

Benefits are therefore themselves also products and services; the difference being that benefits are products and services (including governmental and non-governmental programs) made unique and special due to their discounted and/or value-added nature; targeted as they are to some subset of/within one or more groups of people.

Benefits, unlike usual “available for purchase and/or use by all” products and services, have at least one eligibility/ qualification/ keytrait requirement which must be met in order for an entity to obtain/ use it/ them.

Such requirements may include such factors as where a person lives, how much they earn; composition and size of a family, current/past employment, spending habits, personal property owned (cars, computers, etc), personal interests and desires, health conditions and medical needs, etc.

Examples of benefits include things like a special loan program available only to first-time homebuyers, reduced price cars for members of particular organizations, products and services for folks over 55 years of age . . . or kids under 18, a reduced interest rate for moving a balance from one credit card to another, extra airlines miles for using certain “preferred” airlines, discounts on sports equipment for team boosters, government programs for the unemployed, etc.